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Systematic anthropology



Prehistoric races

Population genetics

Systematic ethnology

Prehistoric tribes

Systematic linguistics

Prehistoric languages

Folk housing

Prehistoric religions

Systematic poetics




General linguistics

*     Macro-Linguistics and Micro-Linguistics

*     Systematic and Applied Linguistics

*     The Subcategorisation of Linguistic Disciplines

*     Linguistic Analogism and Anomalism


Formal Linguistics

*     Formal Grammars

*     Constituency and Dependency Grammars

*     Parenthetical grammar

*     Fractional Grammar

*     Algebraic Grammars

*     Conceptual Semantics

*     Notional Semantics

*     Projective Grammar

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Comparative Linguistics

*     Main Errors of the Stammbaumtheorie

*     Theses to Principles of Comparative Grammar

*     The Transparenztheorie approach to comparative grammar

*     The Making of the English Verb-System

Algebraic, Conceptual, Notional and Componential Semantics

*     Table of Symbols

*     Classificatory Semantics

*     Existential Semantics

*     Temporal Semantics

*     Spatial Semantics

*      Functional Semantics

*     Symbolical Semantics

*     Social Semantics